The app that helps you take back control and achieve your rehabilitation goals

It’s hard to stay on top of things after a brain injury. That’s where PrepareMe steps in. It’s an app that acts as your very own PA, helping you keep rehab on track as you regain control of your life and meet your recovery goals.

App preview

Organise your life


Use the secure calendar to schedule upcoming appointments and easily share with health professionals, friends and family in a few taps

Month, Week, Day, Schedule views

Get a clear and detailed overview as you quickly switch between day, week and month view to see your appointments and events in the one convenient place.

Notifications & sharing

Always know what’s coming up with daily summary notifications at the start of your day, notifications for one-o events or recurring appointments and the ability to add notes to everything.

Never miss a task

Tasks and sub-tasks

Tick off all your personal and health related tasks with custom colour coordinated lists, as simple or detailed as you want. Plus you will always know what’s on your cards for the day when you check in to My Day.

Videos and notes

Add videos directly from your device and organise them in folders to help you with your tasks or subtasks. You can also add some notes for extra help.

Schedule and customise

Everyone has dierent needs and schedules. Set up recurring tasks and set them to run daily, weekly or monthly. Customise and colour coordinate your list.

Task lists

Handy resources


Search helpful articles all written by people who have undergone therapy themselves or health professionals with rehabilitation expertise.

Rehabilitation tips videos

Watch exclusive PrepareMe videos direct from the app. They are each packed with information to help you feel empowered and in control of your recovery.


Know you are not alone and hear from people with similar experience as they generously share their rehabilitation stories and show that your hard work does pay off.

Manage your profile and Team


Create a personal profile complete with key information, your team contacts and health passport, then top it off with a profile photo.

My team

Enter and securely store the contact information and your relationship with everyone involved in your recovery journey. Health professionals, family and friends are all easily stored and retrieved.

Your profile

Health professionals

Use the app to quickly save and find the information of the many health professionals you meet on your journey – Psychiatrists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Doctors, Nurses and more.

Health passport

Set up your health passport by securely recording all your injury, accident and health details in the one place and easily connect health professionals with the right information.

Behind a great app, there is always a great woman.

Hi, I’m Katherine Varley.

Eleven years ago, I was in a horror car accident. I spent three weeks comatose, many long months recovering in hospital, six years in rehabilitation and many years on, here I am rebuilding my life, with a brain injury along for the ride.

It’s been a long, hard road. I went from being able to do everything for myself, to being unable to talk or move independently. It wasn’t easy adapting to my new normal. I had to re-learn absolutely everything. I struggled with memory, attention, speed of thinking, planning and problem solving. I still do. Then there was the challenge of navigating rehabilitation and all that entailed. I’ve come a long way. Today I have regained my independence. I have Michael, my wonderful husband by my side, our beautiful daughter, Grace and another little one on the way!

Over the course of my rehabilitation, I worked with a team of therapists. Because I found it hard to keep track of everything, together we developed a system of communication using my iPad. We used my iPad to store and share information. It was a life saver.

And so PrepareMe was born. But I took things a step further and designed an app specifically for people living with a brain injury. Everything can be conveniently stored and managed so you can refer back to it wherever you are, or share information as you need. It’s all about helping you arrange your life, your way.

I hope you find PrepareMe just as useful as I have on my journey to a happy, independent life!